Dj Azreal1

I am Dj Azreal1 aka Rick Hernandez from East Chicago Indiana.Been playing since 1982 playing all the House Cuts.I was Rockin all the Basement House Party's back in the day,on the 2 wheels of steel.I have played all over Chicago and Northwest Indiana.Then in 2005 I had all my Dj Stuff stolen,But that didn't stop me.I started Djing with Virtual Dj 5,and ever since then I still use it.At that same time I meet some other Dj's and we started to play on the net.I still play all over the Net now.The one thing people say about me is that you will never know what song that I will bring in next.I play as I feel.I also play everything in my mixes.So I will always keep it Rockin.

Dj T Rock C

T Rock C has had a passion for House music since 1981 when he first heard of the legendary Hot Mix 5 Dj's from Chicago's WBMX  Saturday night dj show.He became fascinated by the concept and “ art” of hotmixing records. Once he saw how this was done while keeping dance music continuous he saved his money from early jobs and bought his first set of equipment in 1986. He practiced for 2 yrs and started djing for wedding reception and private parties. He continued to play thru the years for people but then in 2008 he was introduced to the internet by dj Lazerick on the Stickam website / World of Dj's broadcast shows. T Rock was rejuvinated and motivated to find new audiences to share his House music with ; and this time, via the Internet “a  World Wide “ audience.He has inspired Thomas Trickmaster E and DJ PK1 since 2009 to continue to represent Chicago over the internet in their own way.With DJ Azreal 1 also appearing in 2009, the Chicago Connect Dj's have formed and now entertain House music people around the world to this present day. Join T Rock C online as he plays the future sound

Dj Big Tinie

Still young in the game of being a DJ. Happily married. Born and raised in Illinois and living in Chicago. Been spinning for little over 2 years now and my passion is House music. 

Dj Thomas Trickmaster E


Dj Smooth Geno Brown


Gary Hynes

Gary Hynes lives on the South Coast of England close to Hampshire's New Forest. His radio career began in 1982 when he joined his home city's local commercial station Mercia Sound, where he was a DJ and Sports Journalist. He also held managerial positions as Head of Presentation and Head of Music. He left to join a regional TV station in 1994.

After a long break from radio Gary joined the Internet station in 2010 before moving to about a year later where he broadcast a weekly show until the station closed down at the end of 2014. Gary is married to Paula and has one stepson Joey. In his professional life Gary is an Operations Trainer for a UK based food retailer.